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Coach Johnson´s Football Clinic for Players and Coaches

Coach Johnson´s
Football Clinic for Players and Coaches
29.08. – 30.08.2015

1. Tag: „How to develop a high scoring Offense“
– Coaches guide to installing the Spread Zone Read Offense – what is it, how it works and why is it the future of Football

– Zone read made easy – Reads, assignments and blockings schemes. How to win with only 4 Plays

– Individual techniques for Offense position units – executing at a high level

– Developing the „up tempo – no huddle“ Package

2. Tag: „How to stop the Spread Zone Read Offense“

– Defense schemes, Playbooks and rules to shutting down the spread

– Position specific training camp for both Players an Coaches

Live action, great energy and loads of fun.

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Hand-Outs, Getränke & Snacks
Sportplatz TSG Augsburg – Schillstr. 109 – 86169 Augsburg
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