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Augsburg Raptors sign Canadian Quarter Back Jason Bertrand!

Kurz vor Jahresende freut es uns, erneut eine wichtige Verpflichtung für die Raptors bekannt zu geben. Wir heißen Jason Bertrand herzlich in unserem Team willkommen.

Jason ist ebenfalls kein unbekannter im bayrischen Football. Er spielte von 2012 – 2014 als starting Quarterback & Offensive Coordinator beim Landsberg X-Press und konnte mit Ihnen in die Regionalliga aufsteigen.

Jason spielte in Canada an der Notre Dame Catholic High School und der Mount Allison University. Während seiner High School Zeit erreichte er mit seinem Team in 4 Jahren insgesamt 3x das Finale, in allen 4 Jahren erhielt er den offensive MVP Award. Am College wurde er in seinem ersten Jahr zum „Rookie offensive develop player of the year“ ernannt und im zweiten Jahr lief er als Starter auf.

Als Junior war Jason in der OFC (Ontario Football Conference) und erhielt sowohl den Offensive MVP oft the OFC und den Offensive MVP oft he Team. In der Wintersaison trat Jason regelmäßig im Arena Football (TITFL) an, er war 2014 Ontario Champions.

“Jason is the cherry on the top for us. We welcome him with great anticipation. It’s exciting to shake hands on a long term deal; you will be seeing Jason around here for several years, along with all our other new recruits. What makes this feel so right is that Jason and I; along with 45 other great players, know exactly where we want to go and how to get there. It’s as if we were preparing for each other this entire time. Jason is an experienced proven leader that can command an offense and has an incredible arm and pocket presence but can also play our fast pace zone read style. I’m more than confident that Jason will lead and execute consistently. It’s a great fit on all levels, he fits our team’s chemistry, his values and character are what we are looking for and most importantly he has bought “all in”… I want to take this opportunity to make things clear; the Augsburg Raptors are a well rounded TEAM. We are solid at all positions and strive for team perfection, not just big plays from individuals. We have several secret weapons to compliment Jason. Great impact players are a product of the men that surround them. That’s what I really like about this kid; he’s a team player willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good and he has a team around him that’s good enough to make him great. He is also the type of guy that other good players like to be around, raising the bar on and off the field. Now that we have signed Jason, we have depth and the balanced all-around, dynamic team we set out to achieve for this next season. Although we have a long hard road ahead of us, still more pieces to the puzzle to fill, I’m more than confident that this team will be champions someday”, Coach Johnson

Heißt mit uns Jason in der Fuggerstadt herzlich willkommen!


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